More Cheesecake!

1919164_10153291698118133_3574439067923597360_nAnother day, another cheesecake! This time it’s a Toblerone ® Cheesecake for another lucky customer. Melted Toblerone swirled through this cheesecake, topped with chocolate mousse and Toblerone mountains.


Mars Bar ® Cheesecake

A refrigerated cheesecake with Mars Bar pieces, marbled with homemade chocolate and caramel sauces.

Medium (serves 8 – 10) : $30
Large (serves 12 – 15): $40

Mars Bar – Yum!

The middle of a heatwave isn’t an ideal time to make a cheesecake. Thank goodness for freezers and air-conitioning!
11201918_10153279025693133_1846740033911284603_nThis Mars Bar cheesecake is so yum! Filled with chunky pieces of Mars Bar, homemade caramel and chocolate sauce. Topped with whipped chantilly cream. I hope you and your family enjoy it Katrina!

Oreo Cheesecake

I12047072_10153197037128133_3087549922864099270_n made this cake for my daughters 17th birthday. Its a chocolate – vanilla – chocolate layered cheesecake with mini Oreos® in the vanilla layer. Topped with vanilla cream swirls and more Oreos®! It was delish, but so very rich.12191540_10153197036923133_7761951962577412980_n